Let's reinvent the workplace, one lunch at a time.

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Find colleagues based on your interests

Discover your colleagues with Never Eat Alone and meet those who share your interests and have the skills you are looking for.

It makes internal networking easier than ever and brings you endless opportunities: share knowledge, find a mentor, make friends...

Match on skills and interests

Find people throughout departments and locations, matching specific interests and skillsets. Our proprietary algorithm sifts through profiles in order to show you first the colleagues with whom you have something in common.

Schedule effortlessly

Setting up lunches only takes a few taps and prevents you from an endless back and forth: suggest up to three lunch dates, done. Once the other confirms, you can automatically add the lunch to your usual calendar.

Instant lunch

Every day between 10am and 2pm, you can create or join group lunches in order to almost instantly meet colleagues. Choose a topic or meeting place, a time, and avoid having your computer as your only lunch partner.

Stay connected

We keep track of your upcoming lunches, and let you reschedule with a few clicks in case something comes up. Your matches remain in the app even after you’ve met them, enabling you to set a new lunch anytime in the future.

We already help thousands of coworkers connect together

BNP Paribas
Johnson & Johnson
Société Générale

What's in it for your company?

Maximize knowledge exchange and collective intelligence to support innovation

Retain and engage talents, breaking silos and encouraging cross-mentoring

Increase employee happiness, directly improving your company’s productivity

Make the onboarding process easier than ever for your new recruits to settle in

“When it's time to truly connect people and break silos, Never Eat Alone works like magic.”

Natalie Michel, Head of Innovation, BNP Paribas

“The app contributes to instill a digital culture oriented towards collective wellbeing.”

Thibault de Saint Simon, Head of Communications, Aviva

“The app contributes to instill a digital culture oriented towards collective wellbeing.”

Delphine Asseraf, Head of Digital, Allianz

“A great friendliness boost and an innovative solution to digitize business.”

Patrick Plein, Head of Digital Working, Vinci

“It's not only a total fit with our culture, it's also a way of strengthening our values in a fast-changing workplace.”

Loic Fourot, Human Resources Director, Johnson & Johnson

“A new social networking experience, an happy way to synergize.”

Catherine Cousinard, Chief of Staff, Engie


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