Our story

After joining UBS, Marie felt lonely at work and noticed that she was spending most of her breaks with the same colleagues. She decided to change that and started to knock on the doors of different departments in order to meet new colleagues. It gave her the opportunity to discover their work and get to know people who shared her passion (for meditation and yoga). She ended up meeting with the CEO!

Marie realized that helping employees meet makes everyone better off as it leads to a happier workplace and creates a startup atmosphere in large companies, fostering creativity.

After meeting numerous people who wished to replicate her experience but lacked the tools to do so, Marie decided to focus on helping new connections blossom. This is how the idea for Never Eat Alone was born.

After a few months in California, Marie came back to Paris to launch Never Eat Alone. Today, the app counts tens of thousands of users and is starting to spread throughout the rest of Europe and the United States.


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