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Everything you need to know about Never Eat Alone


What is Never Eat Alone?

Never Eat Alone is the mobile app that enables employees of large corporations to connect with their colleagues over lunch break.

Never Eat Alone is available on iOS and Android. Users sign up using their professional email address and they then get access to a discovery screen where they can swipe through their colleagues’ profiles. Never Eat Alone also enables them to filter by department and office.

When two employees express the desire to have lunch together, a match is created and they can discuss using the chat feature. An interactive calendar is built into the chat and helps employees find a convenient date easily, and then add it to their calendar.

Never Eat Alone helps employees feel more connected and happier at work, therefor enhancing their productivity and well-being at work.

Can I meet employees from other companies?

For now, Never Eat Alone is entirely focused on strengthening connections within organizations.

I do not have a company mobile phone, can I use the app anyway?

A large portion of our users access the app through their personal mobile phone.

How to share the app with my colleagues?

A recommendation feature is built into the app, inside our menu. By clicking on the "Tell a colleague" button, you can send a message that includes a link to download the app on the App Store or the Google Play Store. You can modify the default message and send it through different apps.

You can also share the link to our website:

Sign up and login

How can I sign up?

The "Register with email" button allows you to enter your professional email address and then create a password.

After that, a confirmation email is sent to your professional email address so that we can make sure that you are part of the company. It may happen that this email finds its way to your Spam folder.

Clicking on the link inside the email allows you to log into the application and discover your colleagues.

Never Eat Alone is only available through a corporate membership. Contact us at for further information.

How to login?

Login happens through the professional email address and the password you entered when you registered.

My email address is unknown

Never Eat Alone is only available through a corporate membership. Contact us at for further information.

If your company is client of Never Eat Alone, please use your professional email address. This way, we can make sure that you are part of the company.

On which devices can I download the app?

Never Eat Alone is available on the Play Store on the App Store.

Never Eat Alone requires iOS 8 or later, on iPhone and iPad, and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or later.

Is there a Web App release of Never Eat Alone?

Yes! Never Eat Alone is now available as a Web App. Just go to the following link to be able to use the full app right from your desktop: Link.

Profile (and settings)

How can I create my profile?

Upon your first login, you will be asked to enter your name, your position, a short biography that includes your personal and professional interests, and to add a photo if you want to.

You will then be able to edit your profile anytime.

Can I edit my profile once it's created?

Yes, you can edit your profile as many times as you want.

How can I edit my profile?

From the discovery screen (the main screen), you can open the menu by clicking on the top-left icon. Then, click on the "My Profile" button on iOS, or click on your name on Android, and you will reach your profile.

You can edit your profile by clicking on "Edit" on iOS, or on the pencil on Android.


The "Edit photo" allows you to choose a photo from your Photo library, or to take one with the camera.


You can enter your current position in the company.


You can scroll through the available departments to choose the one that matches your current department.


You can scroll through the available offices to choose the one you attached to.


Your biography is where you can write your personal and professional interests to meet colleagues who share the same interests as you. The biography can be up to 500-character long. Therefore, we recommend using hashtags to list your interests, rather than sentences.

Your biography will be used by our algorithm to show you people whose interests match yours in the discovery screen.

Main screen/Discovery (Swiping through other users)

How does the discovery screen works?

The discovery screen is the main screen of Never Eat Alone. You can swipe through your colleagues and meet those who share your interests or have the skills you are looking for by clicking on "Let's meet!"

Our algorithm shows you colleagues whose interests match with yours, colleagues who wish to meet you and also other colleagues so that you can widen your network.

Clicking on a profile shows you further details about your colleague.

If your colleague also wants to meet, you will be able to chat with him and find a meeting date.

Further information on the chat is available in the "Chat/Messages" section.

How does the search algorithm work?

The content of your biography allows you to see in priority the colleagues who have the same hobbies and interests as you.

In order to find the colleagues with whom you share some common interests, you will need to add a # in front of the interests that you write in your biography. The # therefore acts as a search tool.

All of your interests, whether or not they are preceded by a #, allow your colleagues to find you, only if they have listed the same ones.

If your biography remains blank, your colleagues will appear in a random order.

For example, if you write “Tennis #Jazz” in your biography, the carousel will first show you the co-workers that have written “Jazz” in their biography, but you will appear in priority on the carousel of your colleagues that have written “#Tennis” or “#Jazz”.

What does the little red dot mean?

The red dot appears when there is a new activity: either a new match or a new message. Opening the chat will show you where the new activity is.

I cannot find my colleagues in the discovery screen

This is probably due to one of the three following reasons:

- Sending an invitation to a colleague makes him disappear from the discovery screen. You will find all your pending invitations in the "Pending" section of the chat.

- The default location filter being your current office, you may be unable to see colleagues located in other offices if you did not change the location filter.

- If you already met your colleague, his profile remains in the chat, in the "Past" section, rather than going back to the discovery screen.

Can I look for a colleague using his name?

We prefer breaking up silos and helping you to meet new colleagues through serendipity. We think that this fosters new connections in a better manner.

Can I look for colleagues based on their interests?

Our algorithm takes into account all the interests you mention in your biography, preceded by a #, in order to show you relevant colleagues. However, you can change your biography and keep only one interest preceded by a # to show colleagues who match with you because of that particular interest. You are able to rewrite your biography anytime.


What is the chat?

The chat is divided in four parts.


Your colleagues with whom you matched but did not plan a meeting date yet will appear in the "Unplanned" part of the chat.


Your colleagues with whom you matched but and planned a meeting date yet will appear in the "Upcoming" part of the chat. Chatting will allow you to find a convenient hour and location for the meeting.


The colleagues you already meet are in the "Repeat" part of the chat. You can look for a new meeting date by clicking on the top banner.


Here, you will find here the colleagues to whom you sent an invitation but who did not respond yet.

You can cancel a pending invitation by sliding a line to the left, or clicking on it for a few seconds.

How can I chat with a colleague?

Once you matched with a colleague, you can talk with him by clicking on the line that contains his name. The keyboard appears after having clicked on "Speak your mind".

How can I find a convenient meeting date for both of us?

We built an interactive calendar in the app to enable you to find a convenient meeting date while avoiding multiple back-and-forth messages.

The blue banner indicates that you have yet to find a convenient meeting date. You can select up to three dates by clicking on the calendar which pops up after you clicked on the blue banner. Confirm these dates to have them sent to your colleague.

Then your colleague will be able to choose one of these dates by clicking on one of the three dates you offered, or to offer alternative dates.

I invited someone, why cannot I talk to him?

To be able to talk with a colleague, he must also have invited you.

You cannot talk with someone you did not have a match with: the wish to meet has to be two-way for the connection to happen.

How can I change a meeting date?

Changing a meeting date requires to cancel the previous meeting date. You can cancel a meeting date by using the three dots on the top-right part of the screen in a conversation.

Then you can choose another date by clicking on the blue banner.

How can I cancel a meeting date?

You can cancel a meeting date by using the three dots on the top-right part of the screen in a conversation.

How to add a meeting date to my calendar?

You can add a meeting date to your calendar by using the three dots on the top-right part of the screen in a conversation. The meeting date is added to the native calendar of your phone.

We also send an ICS file to your professional email address so that you can add the meeting date to your professional calendar if it is not synced with your mobile phone.

Is it possible to plan a meeting date with several people?

For the sake of simplicity, we prefer one-to-one conversation.

However, you can add forward an invitation to your colleagues using the calendar feature of your phone.

What if I do not want to talk to a colleague anymore?

If you do not want to talk to your colleague anymore, you can cancel the match by using the three blue dots on the top-right corner of the screen. If your colleague has an inappropriate behaviour, you can report him, also by using the three blue dots on the top-right part of the screen.


How can I change my password?

From the discovery screen (the main screen), you can open the menu by clicking on the top-left icon. Then, the "Settings" button includes a "Change password" option.

You will be asked to enter your previous password in order to change your password.

I forgot my password, can I have it back?

The login screen includes a reset password feature. Entering your email address will enable you to ask for the reset password email. A reset password email will be sent to you in order to enable you to create a new password.

We cannot give you your previous password as our database encrypts all of your data.

The reset-password email is not working, what can I do?

If you asked for several reset password emails, only the last email sent to you has the working link.


Do you use my data?

Our database is encrypted using a cryptographic hash function. This means that we cannot know your password, nor read your messages or know with whom you matched.

We do not share any of your data with anyone.

Why can't I access my professional calendar from Never Eat Alone?

Due to security reasons, Never Eat Alone cannot access your professional calendar in order to read your availabilites.

However, we will send you an email with an ICS file as you soon as you choose a meeting date with a colleague so that you can add it to your calendar.

The loading of the main screen (discovery screen) is slow, how to fix it?

The loading speed of the app depends on the quality of your WiFi or mobile connection.

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