Your personal information, always secure

At Never Eat Alone, keeping your personal information security is our priority.

A fully secure connection.

Your login is authenticated by an OAuth2 system: no one else will be using your account and your communications will be kept private. Our servers communicate using a HTTPS protocol and a SSL TLS v1.2 certificate, so your communications are definitely private.

Built to standards.

Our infrastructure meets security audits and the security needs of financial institutions and defence companies, which operate with high security standards. We withstand OWASP Top 10 2013, thereby eliminating security risks.

Local & safe.

Our data is stored on servers in the European Union. Our daily backup ensures service continuity.

Data protection comes standard.

We use encryption to protect your personal information, such as your profile and your messages. This means that you are the only one to have access to your conversation history and your lunch dates. Never Eat Alone uses a SHA-2 encryption key and provides a AES-256 encryption standard.